Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week Two Inactives: Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills

This week there really isn't any surprising.  Brandon Flowers will be playing which is great for the Chiefs.  Tamba Hali will also be back after his one game suspension.  He will also be going up against a rookie left tackle the whole day.  Let's start with the Chiefs inactives!


QB Ricky Stanzi
S Kendrick Lewis
NT Anthony Torbibio
TE Steve Maneri
DE Allen Bailey
WR Devon Wylie
RB Cyrus Gray

The Bills will be without star running back Fred Jackson but they have a more than capable backup in C.J. Spiller.


QB Tarvaris Jackson
RB Fred Jackson
DB Delano Howell
DL Kyle Moore
LB Kirk Morrison
OL Colin Brown
OL Sam Young

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week One: NFL Power Rankings

These are my power rankings after the first week of football.  The second week is about to start tomorrow night when the Bears face the Packers in a heated division game.

1.  49ers
2.  Patriots
3.  Ravens
4.  Cowboys
5.  Broncos
6.  Jets
7.  Packers
8.  Bears
9.  Falcons
10.  Giants
11.  Texans
12.  Chargers
13.  Lions
14.  Redskins
15.  Vikings
16.  Saints
17.  Steelers
18.  Panthers
19.  Eagles
20.  Buccaneers
21.  Bengals
22.  Colts
23.  Chiefs
24.  Bills
25.  Raiders
26.  Cardinals
27.  Jaguars
28.  Titans
29.  Rams
30.  Seahawks
31.  Dolphins
32.  Browns

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inactives Week One: Kansas City Chiefs vs Atlanta Falcons

The Chiefs will be without CB Brandon Flowers against the Atlanta Falcons.  The rest of the inactives include:  TE Steve Maneri, DE Allen Bailey, QB Ricky Stanzi, S Kendrick Lewis, NT Anthony Toribio, and RB Cyrus Gray.  However, Derrick Johnson will be playing so today isn't a total loss when it comes to the injury list.

The Falcons only had 2 injuries to report this week so their list shouldn't including any real notable or big names.  Go Chiefs!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Injury Report: Kansas City Chiefs vs Atlanta Falcons

Welcome to the first injury report of the year.  We have about 28 more hours to wait until the Chiefs take on the Falcons at Arrowhead Stadium.  The Chiefs are in a pretty bad situation with 7 defensive players on the injury report.  The Chiefs are also without Tamba Hali who is suspended for the first week.  Let's take a look at the Chiefs first.

Questionable (Limited Participation In Practice):
CB Brandon Flowers (Foot)
LB Derrick Johnson (Ankle)
LB Jovan Belcher (Groin)
CB Jalil Brown (Groin)

Doubtful (Did Not Participate In Practice):
DE Allen Bailey (Ankle)
S Kendrick Lewis (Shoulder)
DT Anthony Toribio (Ankle)

Those are some big names!  The top half will most likely play whereas the doubtful will most likely not.  The Chiefs should be alright at safety as long as Berry stays in the game.  Poe will also play three downs as NT taking Toribio's spot if the rumors are true.  Now, Let's look at the Falcons injuries.

Probable (Full Participation In Practice):
CB Christopher Owens (Hamstring)
RB Jason Snelling (Calf)

As you can see the Falcons are more healthy at this point.  Both of those players will most likely play.  The Chiefs also might be playing it safe with their big names before the game.  Either way it will be tough especially with a high powered offense in Atlanta.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dwayne Bowe Signs Franchise Tag

Dwayne Bowe finally signed his franchise tag.  It is very likely that he'll play the last 2 preseason games just missing tonight's and last weeks.  He'll have a few more weeks to prepare for the regular season.  Bowe has had a lot of Offensive Coordinators in Kansas City so I don't think he'll have a problem in learning a new system fast.  Bowe seems to be excited when he posted a tweet yesterday.  Go Chiefs!

NFL Official Story

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals-Recap

The Chiefs looked beastly during their first preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.  The first team offense quickly jumped to 14-0 in the first quarter.  The second/third strings didn't let up for a 24-17 win against the Cardinals.  The standouts in my mind were Matt Cassel, Dexter McCluster, Peyton Hillis, and Derrick Johnson.  I will now show you the main stats on last night's game.


Matt Cassel:  5 passes completed out of 6 attempted for 67 yards and a touchdown

Brady Quinn:  7 passes completed out of 13 attempted for 81 yards and a interception

Ricky Stanzi:  2 passes completed out of 7 attempted for 42 yards


Jamaal Charles:  3 rushes for 12 yards

Peyton Hillis:  4 rushes for 41 yards

Cyrus Gray:  15 rushes for 65 yards and a touchdown


Dexter McCluster:  3 receptions for 45 yards

Steve Maneri:  3 receptions for 69 yards

Peyton Hillis:  1 reception for 11 yards and a touchdown


Derrick Johnson:  3 total tackles

Cameron Sheffield:  3 total tackles and a sack

Brandon Bair:  2 total tackles with a sack and an interception   

Friday, August 10, 2012

Preason Game One: Five Things To Look For

Tonight will be the first preseason game for the Kansas City Chiefs.  I'm probably more excited as most.  However, we probably won't see our starters for more than 2 or 3 drives.  There will be a lot of new names and faces for our squad.  Who will stand out tonight?  In my opinion there are 5 things to look for tonight.

1.  Will Matt Cassel be able to sustain a drive?

Matt Cassel has been the poster child for inconsistent play at quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.  There shouldn't be a reason for it especially this year.  He had a full offseason to work with Zorn and the other coaches.  He actually has some consistency at OC without multiple people feeding him information as years past.  Cassel has more weapons and an improved line.  The Cardinals defense aren't world beaters by any means.  I expect more than a 3 and out.

2.  Will The WR's Step Up?

We already know than Baldwin has been beasting it up during camp.  Will he be able to do the same in real game action?  Can our other WR's step up in the absence of Dwayne Bowe?  It would be so nice to have another playmaker emerge from the bunch.

3.  Can The Chiefs Avoid Injuries?

Last year, it was just horrible for the Kansas City Chiefs when it came to injuries.  So far this offseason we have been pretty lucky with no real major injuries.  Let's hope that we can make it through the preseason healthy heading into our first regular season game.  I'm sure most people will be keeping an eye on Charles, Berry, and Moeaki.

4.  Will Our Rookies Do Well?

Most of our rookies will get quite a bit of playing time this preseason.  I will be looking at Poe an awful lot to see how well he can disrupt the backfield.  Cyrus Gray should also be very fun to watch running the ball.  I'm also hoping that our rookie offensive linemen do well.

5.  Which Defensive Backs Will Make It?

The Chiefs have a ton of players on the roster for their secondary.  The Chiefs are pretty much set in stone when it comes to the starters.  However, I think that the back-up positions are very much up for grabs.  I'm also not sure that Arenas has the nickle back spot secured.  Will Jalil Brown make a jump from his rookie year?  Let's hope we have too much talent to choose from!